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The Horse - May 2014 Issue

Your Guide To Equine Health Care.

Vaccination Special Issue!

Some of the features in The Horse Magazine May 2014 Issue:

  • Vaccines for All Ages | By Erica Larson Horses at different life stages have a variety of immunization requirements, but they're not as complicated as they might seem. (p.18)
  • Superheroes in a Syringe: How Vaccines WorkBy Christy Corp-Minamiji, DVM A behind-the-scenes look at how your horse's immune system is best primed for battle. (p. 30)
  • Promoting Metabolic Wellness By Nancy S. Loving, DVM Equine metabolic syndrome and Cushing's disease prevention start from birth and include regular veterinary exams and proper nutrition. (p. 37)

PLUS! | Special in-depth articles on protecting against wildfire, the trouble with mud, exclusionary behavior in horse herds, and much more.


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