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The Horse - March 2014 Issue

Your Guide To Equine Health Care.

Special AAEP Convention Wrap-Up Included!

Some of the features in The Horse Magazine March 2014 Issue:

  • Targeting Disease in Africa's Working Equids | By Stephanie L. Church Veterinarians and researchers take a close look at cases very different than those they see in developed countries, with the goal of collaborating to help this important segment of the equine world. (p.18)
  • Spring Health Prep | By Nancy Loving, DVM Check all these tasks off your to-do list as you transition your horse from winter downtime to spring riding season. (p. 33)
  • Hoof Anatomy, Part 2: Outer Structures By Christy West The outer hoof's health affect the bones and soft tissues within, and vice versa. (p. 43)
  • Cracking the Code | By Milton Toby, JD An expert helps us interpret taxspeak as it applies to the horse industry. (p. 47)

PLUS! | Special in-depth articles on hernias, post-winter weight gain, managing seniors with heaves, and much more.


SPECIAL AAEP CONVENTION WRAP-UP covers multiple topics discussed at the American Association of Equine Practitioners convention, including sport and racehorse health, geriatric care, eye issues, vaccines and infections disease, and more. 


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