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The Horse - November 2016 Issue

Your Guide To Equine Health Care.

Some of the features in The Horse Magazine November 2016 Issue:

  • Keeping Aging Horses Comfortable | As senior horse populations grow, so does our knowledge about keeping them healthy. Here's how to manage their aging teeth, joints, lungs, and more.
  • Is It My Horse, or Is It Me? | We're quick to blame a horse for misbehaving, but a closer look at equine behavior might reveal we're just communicating the wrong way.
  • Neurologic or Lame? | Gait-altering conditions such as EPM, wobbler syndrome, and Lyme disease can be tricky to spot and even more difficult to diagnose.
  • What's Going on Inside Your Horse's Body? | The latest internal medicine research from EMS to insulin levels to heart conditions.
  • AAEP Convention Preview | Check out the offerings at this year's annual equine veterinary convention.

PLUS! | Special in-depth articles on diet changes to help calm a hyperactive horse, troubleshooting arena hazards, maintaining healthy hooves, and much more.


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