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First Aid for Horses DVD

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Anyone who owns or works with horses must deal with a sick or injured horse at one time or another. Some problems are obvious -- a horse thrashing in pain or bleeding profusely. Other problems are more subtle, such as the onset of a mild case of colic.

In First Aid for Horses, two top veterinarians will tell you what's normal in your horse and what is cause for concern. You will learn how to take your horse's vital signs, what first aid supplies should be kept on hand, when you can help your horse, and when you should call your vet.

Lexington, Ky., veterinarians Rhonda Rathgeber and Fairfield Bain present a step-by-step approach to equine first aid. They discuss eye and head injuries , colic, heat stress, shock, lameness, and other conditions. Graphics help emphasize each section. First Aid for Horses is an invaluable resource for every horse owner and industry professional (45 minutes).


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